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The Loop
We Asked Health Professionals To Tell Us What's The Best Fitness Tech Out There
Here are the tools, toys, and apps fitness experts recommend to take your health routine to the next level." Hypnotherapist Harley Sears shares his favorite app with The Loop.
Boove (United Kingdom)
Best Books About The Journey From Addiction To Recovery
This book answers important questions about addiction and describes how habits are formed. Hypnotherapist Harley Sears recommends "The Craving Mind" by Judson Brewer.
Selecciones (Mexico)
¿Insomnio? 11 Trucos Para Poder Dormir
¿No puedes dormir? Quizá debas probar algo diferente. Estos trucos, compartidos por expertos en el sueño, pueden parecerte un tanto excéntricos, pero te ayudarán a caer completamente dormido. Harley Sears shares tips for a good night's sleep with Reader's Digest Mexico.

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