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Great Success

During the first few months at a new and stressful position as Pharmacy Clinical Manager, sessions with Harley not only kept me sane, but allowed me to excel under very stressful conditions. My own success has kept me referring patients, friends, and family to Harley for over 17 years.
David Hall, Doctor of Pharmacy
Highly Recommended

My first appointment was nearly 15 years ago while I was a nursing student. The sessions helped me cope with the everyday stress of school, and later with the worry of passing my state board exam. Over the years, Harley has helped me stop smoking, lose weight, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend him to anyone considering hypnosis.
Julie Price, Registered Nurse
Thank you!

I decided to try hypnosis with Mr. Sears as an alternative to traditional talk therapy. While I was very anxious heading into the first session, I can truly say this has been the best treatment for addressing my life issues I have ever received. Mr. Sears is a well trained professional, and well worth the expense.
B.M., Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Truly Life Changing

Harley is everything you could want in a hypnotist; calm, attentive, caring, a great listener, good sense of humor, and amazing at his craft. As you enter his office a sense of calm will come over you, giving you a safe space to relax and make the necessary changes for a better life. You deserve to experience his life-changing work. If you're on the fence, take that first step and see what incredible changes can truly happen when you have a qualified professional on your side.
Matt, Holistic Health Coach

I was a bit skeptical of how well this would work, but Harley made it very comfortable and easy. He did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable, even though the session opened up uncomfortable things I have been avoiding lately. It was like talking to a close friend who accepted the way I am, and wasn't going to judge me in any way.
Michaela Sinks, Massage Therapist
What Harley Does Matters!

I went to my old acquaintance Harley Sears for a tune-up! I needed help with a couple of issues. Harley helped me begin to flip a switch inside of me that revealed barriers and bridges to my success. He helped begin the internal process of relaxation that deepened after the session.
Reene Roosa, Family Nurse Practitioner
Your Stories
Smoke-Free After 35 Years

I never believed hypnosis could work until I found Hypnosis by Harley Sears. I had worked my way up to 3 packs a day after 35 years of smoking. I quit the day I went to see Harley. I'm not saying it was completely easy, but I NEVER picked up another cigarette again. He is amazing, compassionate, and works miracles!
Wendy Tapper
I Lost 70 Pounds!

I lost 70 pounds through hypnosis. Harley is excellent at what he does. Between October and August (9 months) I lost all the weight. Hypnosis is cheaper and healthier than signing up for prepackaged meals like some weight loss plans want you to do.
The Help I've Received With Alcohol

I have been to two sessions now with Harley. I went to get a little extra help with my drinking. Even after the first session I noticed a difference. I have quit drinking before but after a few weeks, I would fall back into old habits. I was drinking daily and a lot of times to excess. After the first session ,I could honestly say that something was different this time. I think if you go in with an open mind and a want to change this can really work. I feel so much better. Thank you Harley.
Gastrointestinal Relief

I've done various types of therapy before but never for the specific GI problem I went to see Harley Sears about. He is friendly, reassuring, professional, and explained to me the scientific backing behind his methods. He not only led me through a very helpful and enjoyable guided hypnosis/relaxation but left me with a takeaway audio file to continue the practice at home. I have already scheduled my next appointment and have a lot of hope that this will provide a lasting solution!
Yael A.
Incredible Resource

Harley Sears has become an invaluable resource for me in managing stress and other difficult situations. I first went to Harley before a major surgery. I was having an incredibly difficult time managing my fear and my work with Harley allowed me to face the situation calmly and in total control. Since then, I have regularly scheduled sessions whenever I need to get back in balance. Harley is so wise and calming. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Jill P.

I started out cautiously optimistic about hypnosis, but Hypnosis by Harley Sears has been so wonderful. I've been to two sessions now and he has helped me immensely with food anxiety and other general anxiety. I feel more relaxed than ever when I leave his office and I have the confidence and tools I need to continue to feel that way in day to day life. So thankful for this experience.
Life Changing

Harley is the real deal. He is a brilliant counselor, and partners with you to develop a realistic plan to put your life on the path that you choose. The hypnosis portion of the session, for me, is like a guided deep meditation. I feel so positive and uplifted and ready to tackle the world when we are done. I recommend seeing him regularly to keep the momentum going. He is amazing!
Beyond Pleased!

Harley Sears was recommended to me by a medical professional, and hypnosis was endorsed by my physician. I found Harley to be extremely professional and very adept! I went into treatment confident that I would benefit from it, and have been beyond pleased with my success. Harley gave me tools (in session, and that I could use at home) that were useful from the very first week. I'm so happy with how hypnosis has worked for me that I will pursue further treatment with him for other conditions.
Life Saver

Harley quite literally saved my life. I had been suffering from chronic hiccups for thirty years and my health was deteriorating at an alarming rate. At my first visit with Harley, he taught me techniques to use in controlling the hiccups. When I went back for the second visit, he was very pleased that I walked in without the hiccups! I am amazed and thankful for the help Harley has given me. He is very concerned and caring and my family and I highly recommend him.
Zeb Sailors
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